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The Jitterbug Smart2       Jitterbug Plans & Coverage

The Jitterbug Smart2 


What makes the Jitterbug Smart2 cell phone different from other cell phones?


The Jitterbug Smart2 was designed specifically with senior citizens and those with limited cell phone experience in mind. The menus are easy to read and super simple to navigate, just what a new cell phone user needs. The Jitterbug Smart2 isn’t one of those "smartphones" that require a PhD to operate. Anyone can use it!


What features does the Jitterbug Smart2 have for people who have difficulty hearing?


The volume adjusts from low to super-high, and there’s a speakerphone option that’s incredibly simple to activate. The volume can also be adjusted while you are on the call. The Jitterbug Smart2 is also hearing aid compatible, with a M4/T4 rating.


What are the dimensions of the Jitterbug Smart2 phone?


The dimensions of the Jitterbug Smart2 are: 5.98" long x 3.03" wide x 0.33" deep. The Jitterbug Smart2 phone weighs 5.6 ounces, and has a 5.5" phone screen.


What type of battery does the Jitterbug Smart2 phone use?


The Jitterbug Smart2 uses a lithium ion rechargeable cell phone battery. A battery charger is included with every Jitterbug phone. Act now to receive a car charger too!


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Jitterbug Plans & Coverage


Will the Jitterbug cell phone accept incoming calls?


Yes, they are fully functional cell phones able to connect outgoing and incoming calls.


What is the coverage area for the Jitterbug phone service?


The Jitterbug cell phone is powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network. Below is a map showing the coverage area.


Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone Coverage
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Is roaming and long distance included?


Long distance and roaming are charged against your total monthly minutes just like any other call. There’s no need to worry about roaming or long distance charges in the USA with your Jitterbug. However, when calling from the domestic U.S. to other countries or when calling from outside of the domestic U.S., additional international calling rates will apply.


Will I be charged for calls to 911?


No. All calls to 911 are free.


Can I keep the telephone number that I have on my current cell phone?


In most occasions, yes, your current telephone number can be transferred over to your new Jitterbug phone. Please contact your current carrier to start the transfer. Call us if you need any help with this step.


Will I be charged for calls to the Jitterbug operator?


There are no additional fees to call our U.S.-based customer service. However, for calls to an operator in which a service is completed, $0.99/call and plan minutes will be deducted equal to the length of the call. The $0.99/call Personal Operator fee is waived with Ultimate Health & Safety Packages


Does Jitterbug offer any flip phones?


Check out the new Lively Flip - by the makers of Jitterbug. Click here to read answers to the Lively Flip frequently asked questions.


Does the Jitterbug Smart2 cell phone offer GPS tracking?


Most plans do not offer any sort of GPS tracking. To learn more about which plans offer this feature, call us today at 888-824-1879.


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