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Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Affordable & Dependable Service


Jitterbug® Flip cell phone plans give you everything that you need! Don’t spend extra money monthly for unnecessary services. Plans are available as low as $14.99 per month.


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Simple Cell Phone Plans for Seniors


The Jitterbug Cell Phone Senior cell phone usage patterns typically fall into one of two groups, those who would simply like a cell phone for emergencies and an occasional call and those who prefer to chat regularly. Jitterbug plans are not only affordable for occasional and emergency use; they are a bargain for frequent talkers as well. With plans as low as just $14.99 per month, now you can have a simple, dependable cell phone for less than a daily cup of coffee.


In addition to the great value, with Jitterbug you’ll also get the following benefits for not a penny more:

No contracts - A simple month-to-month plan
No cancellation fees - Cancel anytime you’d like
No U.S. long distance fees - Call family and friends anywhere in the U.S.
Carry over unused Anytime Minutes up to 60 days - Saves you money



Jitterbug Customer Service

Best Senior-friendly Cell Phone with Even Better Customer Service


Many customers buy their Jitterbug cell phone because it’s a simple, affordable cell phone...then stay because of the great service. Friendly, U.S.-based operators and customer service representatives are available to help with anything you may need. They can explain how to use your phone’s features, help you make changes to your account or even dial a phone number for you like operators did in the old days!


In addition to a great phone and great service, you’ll also get free services like the phonebook to help keep you organized. There’s even a Daily Health Tips feature made just for seniors. Jitterbug also offers add-on services, which you can learn more about here.


5Star - Medical and Safety Experts When You Need Them


Health Safety Assistance

It’s inevitable... sometimes life just happens. With the 5Star® Urgent Response Service, you don’t have to be alone when unforeseen events arise. Whether you’re experiencing a medical issue, unfamiliar with your surroundings, or just need someone to stay on the phone with you while you walk to your car at night, 5Star can help. Certified 5Star Agents are available 24 hours a day!


Aided by the secure information in your 5Star Personal Emergency Profile, a 5Star Agent can provide personalized assistance should the need arise. They can confirm your location, determine the severity of your situation, and ensure that you get the help that you need. The 5Star Agent can even call 911 on your behalf. Backed by a nation-wide coverage area*, rest assured knowing that 5Star is here when and where you need it!





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